SDP Winter Workshop 2023 has ended

Winter Workshop 2023 Pre-Work Assignments 
Pre-work that has a deadline to submit an assignment is marked with asterisks ***. 

Unless it is noted otherwise, all fellows should complete all pre-work assignments for the sessions their cohort will attend. 

Year 2 Fellows  (C13/HE)

***Education Data Ethics
As your pre-work for the Data Ethics module, please accept 3 $10 Donors Choose gifts that you can distribute to any project(s) you want. Donors Choose is a nonprofit organization that allows you to donate directly to public school classroom projects.

Your first step is to search Donors Choose for the projects you wish to invest in. Then, find your name in the spreadsheet below and use the three assigned gift codes next to your name to make three ten-dollar donations. You can allocate all of them in any configuration (all to one project, for example), but they must be in 10$ increments. Add the name of the project you supported with each code and the link to the cause. Enjoy!

Prework_Donors Choose_C13 and HE WW2023 

  1. Upload your Data Ethics Consultancy Dilemma by January 11.
  2. Please complete the following pre-work only for the breakout session you selected in the pre-workshop survey.

Getting Started with your Data Literacy Program 
  1. Attendees that did not attend the Data Literacy 101 Session, should review the Data Literacy 101 slide deck.
  2. Attendees that did not attend the Data Literacy 102 session should review the materials. A brief recap of key DL101 and DL102 topics will also be included.
  3. As you review the materials, part of the session will be to support you in your 1-page narrative on data literacy. In preparation for that, please craft your “what is data literacy” definition and some notes on “why data literacy matters” to your org and the folks you’ll work with. During the session, we will support you in completing the executive summary for your data literacy strategy.

Growing Your Collective Leadership
To prepare for this session, please read the short article the Dawn of System Leadership prior to the session.

Becoming a Learning Organization
Read either:OR
How to Conduct Inclusive Research & Evaluation Through a DEI Lens
C13 and HE Fellows should complete the How to Conduct Inclusive Research Pre-Session Survey by Tuesday, January 24th.

Capstone Update: Preparing for Your Capstone Presentation
Refresh your memory about what capstone poster session looked like at convening last year. Review a couple of posters from last year’s presentations. What do you notice about them? Like about them? If you attended in-person, what do you remember about the conversations you had at the session?

Consider starting with one of these recommended posters:

Year 1 Fellows (C14)

***Managing Through Organizational Upheaval
Please take approximately 20-30 minutes to do some light reflective writing on the below 3 questions. You do not have to answer all of the questions, but please answer at least one. We don’t expect you to write any more than half a page, and we would discourage you from going further than that.
Please submit your response here by Wednesday, January 11th.    
  • Think about a challenge you’re experiencing at work that you’d like some support thinking through. What is frustrating you, and what is it getting in the way of?
  • What is a challenge that faced at work (either this role, or a prior one) that you’re proud of how you overcame it? What happened, what did you do, and what was the result?
  • Think about a time you gave comfort or advice to someone else experiencing a work challenge (colleague, partner, classmate, mentee). What was the problem they were facing (in broad terms)? What did you tell them? How did things go for them after that?

***Policy Relevant Measures
  • To be prepared to fully engage in this session, please review the PRM Introduction Slides. The slides are available here. We recommend that you download and then present the slideshow so you can hear the voice-over.
  • Watch Kristen Carroll's "College and Career Readiness" presentation as an example of policy relevant measures.
  • Submit 2-3 ideas of policy-relevant measures you might be interested in digging into through these working groups. 

Quantitative Program Evaluation Tools for Educational Contexts
  1. Read chapters 5 & 6 from The Effect, by Nick Huntington-Klein, on identification and causal diagrams
  2. Bring a research question (causal or descriptive, capstone project or other project) to the session
  3. Read chapter 4 from The Effect, on describing relationships *Optional (recommended if newer to causal inference/quantitative analysis or if asking a descriptive question)

Qualitative Data Methods
Read: "Active Waiting": Habits and the Practice of Conducting Qualitative Research. As you read, consider the following:
  • What are some habits that you already have that you think could help you as you embark on qualitative work?
  • What are some habits that you already have that you think could hinder you as you embark on qualitative work?
  • How does the approach presented in the article fit in with your current workplace culture?

Monitoring Educational Equity: Conceptual and Statistical Tools
Please complete all the prework from Level 1 below. You may optionally complete prework from Level 2 below as well:
Level 1 (expected, 10 minutes)Level 2: (optional, 90 minutes)

Project Management: Spinning Plates
Skim the PMI Dictionary for an overview of some of the terms most commonly used in project management.**Optional: Complete the personal reflections using the guiding questions listed here. The reflection will allow for you to reflect on your own experiences and will serve as the foundation of breakout group discussions. If you would like, you are welcome to upload your reflection responses here   

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